Its always worth recapping!

A few months back I purchased a ZX81 .. I could never get it working through the RF Modulator except once when I hooked it up to an old video… I noticed that it would only work when the 16K ram pack was not plugged in..

First thing First…. that video… I found a nice article showing to create a simple mod to bypass RF for composite video found >HERE< … the difference for me was I ripped out the inside of the RF module and inserted the composite mod which consisted of 2 components and a couple of wires… that’s it.. job done, I now can hook this ZX81 to a modern TV…

Now that pesky 16K ram pack… I ended up buying another one which was no better, even though the add said fully working…  I noticed that the expansion port on the ZX81 was corroded… I tinned the connectors and did some continuity checks but still no joy..

On the off chance I decided to change the capacitors and bingo that worked with the original unit… but not with the second one that was advertised as “working” … I know now my ZX81 + ram pack works.. so those naughty people selling on eBay were telling porkies…

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