Retr0brite gone wrong

So after some success in poor sunlight and UV lamps, today went very wrong. We had some unusually warm weather in the UK yesterday and today and I thought I would take advantage of the Suns UV and Retr0Brite one of my ST cases…. I got carried away with work and forgot to check on it at Lunchtime and reapply Hydrogen Peroxide. And unfortunately, my top half of the case is badly scarred.  I’m now resorting to spraying the case to fix the problem…  I never wanted to do this as reading on the interest I hear Retr0Brite is the best option and paint eventually wears off and might flake… I think I found a good match in colour though…

Here is the mess and I will post a picture of the spray later..

Actually, the spray result doesn’t look so bad.  Need to tidy up that badge a little but hey hoy..