Play MZF files from MZuiTape into Sharp MZ700/MZ800

Myself, and Jeroen Laros (MZF2WAV) have collaborated to make it easy to Load MZ700 games stored on an MZuiTape into you Retro Sharp MZ700 computer. The MZuiTape expects audio WAV files to be encoded at a maximum of 22Khz as this is a limitation of the Arduino boards used by MZuiTape. Jeroen added a feature in MZF2WAV to allow for MZF files to be converted to WAV files at this bitrate, and I reflected that in the GUI (MZF2WAVGUI). In the below video it talks about a different device but its the MZuiTape that you want if you have a MZ700 or MZ800.