Sharp MZ700 MZF files back to WAV

My first home computer was a Sharp MZ700 and I recently acquired one again. When I got it home I realised apart from the S-Basic tape that came with the purchase I had nothing else to load on it.. and plus… ITS TAPE ONLY… it got me thinking that I have a tape emulator built on a Arduino Nano for the ZX81 I have and thought there must be a way to get more apps on this MZ. I knew that there is a backup of most of the old tapes in the interest in MZF format.. I also found a command-line tool to convert MZF files back to WAV >HERE< and it gave me an idea… what if I developed a tool with a GUI that contained most of the MZF files, allowed you to convert them to WAV but play them from the same tool through your PC audio using a mono audio cable into the MZ700… And that is exactly what I did.. Watch this video to see it in action, its pretty cool >


If you want to try the tool you can find it >here<

The story doesn’t end here… I have a new idea to build this concept into the MZ itself… watch this space…

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