Retro Deck

So I’ve decided to make PC app similar to TAP Dancer to allow you to play retro games in just about any format (TZX, CDT, UEF, CAS, TAP, MZF etc etc) through your PC audio device (including Bluetooth) to load up games on your retro computer. I hope I’m not reinventing a wheel but I haven’t found anything like TAP Dancer for the PC and since TAP Dancer is android only I think it will be handy to have my app. I kinda have the code for at least 2-3 formats already. Only thing for Acorns/Beebs/MSX that motor-control I’m not sure I’m going to get around that unless I build an interface for the PC. Although a friend gave me an idea to use a very very cheap micro-controller.

First version will be about format support. Later I’ll add motor-control and then later a save option too. It could take me a year to complete given my other workload I’ve got on.